Are you optimizing format of your videos for your mobile audience?

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See .RVF in action

One .RVF link = many video layers
Video is Horizontal on Horizontal Screens
Video is Vertical on Vertical Screens
RVF for Business
Who should use rvf WEBSITE DESIGN
Replacing the video links on your website with RVF links will assure that your viewers are always enjoying a full screen viewing experience from your video content.
Who should use rvf EMAIL MARKETING
Adding an RVF link to your marketing messages is likely to send your mobile contacts’ engagement skyrocketing. After all, vertical video viewing has increased 600% in the last 5 years.
When your horizontal videos play on mobile screens your losing 2/3 of the screen to darkness. With .RVF link, you will always be in full-screen.
Benefitd for Advertiser 9X HIGHER COMPLETION RATE
With the rise of mobile advertising, vertical videos are receiving 9x higher completion rates than their horizontal counterparts.
Benefitd for Advertiser REAL-TIME ANALYTICS
With .RVF link, you can track your video views with analytics that will help you understand your audience, and how they prefer to view your content.
Who should use rvf BETTER IMPRESSIONS
With responsive video on your side, your video content will make a better impression, no matter the device.
Who should use rvf WOW YOUR AUDIENCE
With your video content covering 100% of every screen, you’ll have the advantage of full-screen content to wow your viewers.
Who should use rvf BETTER IMPRESSIONS
Using responsive video files to adapt to your viewers’ screens will make their experience more delightful than ever; this positive impression will result in a greater return on investment for you.

Unleash the power of the responsive video format!